ISIS SECRETS : Intellegence Game Behind Islamic States of Iraq And Syria (ISIS) – Islamicro

“ISIS, Who Are They?”

The nature of jihad is for establishing an Islamic state in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) which metamorphosed into the Khilafah Islamiyah, who set up, plan, direct and fund it?
This is the answer that will reveal the secrets of ISIS who actually are now metamorphosed into Islamic Caliphate.

Jihad which we’ve heard in Iraq and Sham none other than the dirty game of intelligence products.

Historically, It’s builded by CIA before the war the United States attempted to destroy the Soviet Union since 1988.
Today, it dicloning by American intelligence, Israel and Iran For play back the same scenario with one way but with a new name and distinguished leadership.

Jihad of ISIS is a Zionist idea, the United States and Iran are those adopted with the aim of two reasons:

  1. Aggravating image of Islamic Sunni  spread peacefully each year throughout Europe, North and South America. And ISIS was  programmed For showing cruelty of Islam as kill with sword, beheading with a sadistic, crucify people alive on street poles. Then spread through Youtube and repeated continuously by an international TV station to show the ISIS sadism against those who disagree with them. The goal is to create an image that is scary for people away from Islam and the Muslims. And in this case, they are very successful effort.
  2. Subordinate Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries with political means glassware. This is to guarantee them (Isarel, USA) in order to continue to get free oil for a long time and update the next transaction. They were also very successful in this regard.

Who is this ISIS. “A Muslim should be smart and clever”

  1. We reserve the right asking the following questions for knowing that the essence of ISIS and the Islamic Caliphate is a form of international intelligence game:
    We do not see the ISIS move to liberate Palestine
  2. We also do not see the ISIS approached the whole boundary of Israel. That on the contrary, they protect the (border) Israeli.
  3. Why ISIS does not help Gaza and the West Bank are isolated?
  4. ISIS is not trying to stop the expansion of Zionist settlements in the city of Jerusalem and around Masjid al-Aqsa, in al-Khalil and several towns and villages in the West Bank.
  5. Bullets and rockets ISIS is not directed to the troops Bassar Asad in Syria, and Noury ​​al Maliky in Iraq.
  6. ISIS does not try to free Sunni Muslims in Iran which is under the grip of government Rofidhoh, until none of the mosque (Sunni) in Tehran, although there are many places of worship Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu.

So, the truth of  ISIS 
jihad is the press lies in the local and international TV stations, and social media, to mobilize the youth who are frustrated again stupid, and utilize them as firewood American and Zionist war in order to implement plans and their conspiracy (with using someone else’s hands, of course) in the Arab countries. They are offered as a sacrifice their humanity in war.

From here we can reveal that ISIS was founded by the CIA, Mossad and Iran, Arab states such local Syria, Iraq, Egypt, as well as European countries such as Britain, France and Russia.
This is the secret nature of ISIS, which is converted by the NII US intelligence, Zionist and Iran became the Islamic Khilafah so that they can reach a wider target in addition to Syria and Iraq.
Have efforts For complete parse this secret? You will see a new scenario of the world conspiracy.

And the next phase is the World War against Islam !!

Wallahu A’lam


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