ISIS SECRETS : 3 Scenarios of United States Behind Islamic state of Iraq And Syria

BIRTH OF ISIS is an arm of the US in Iraq. The US has succeeded in messing about boxing Muslims in Iraq as a result of civil war in Iraq is getting sharper. According to a former employee of the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States, Edward Snowden, British and American intelligence, and Mossad (Israel’s foreign intelligence service) work together to create the group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Snowden said the intelligence agencies of the three countries created a terrorist organization that is able to attract all the extremist world into one place, using a strategy called “beehive”, as reported by the newspaper the Gulf Daily News, Tuesday (15/7). The NSA document refers to the latest implementation of the beehive to protect the Zionist entity by creating slogans and Islamic religion.

“The only solution to protect the Jewish state is to create enemies near its borders,” according to documents released Snowden.

But we have to be smart judge that the United States actually have more attention and their establishment of the Khilafah state believe that the caliphate into a global issue whose presence could threaten the existence America has pursued all means the US, including the establishment of ISIS in Iraq.
Actually what was said by former US intelligence Snowden did not stop there. Of the Muslims in Iraq ISIS formation contains a message that much more dangerous.

First ISIS designed with imagery that Khilafah full suppression. Just look at how North serpak so phenomenal lunge ISIS, ISIS taxing civilians forcibly, the Christians who do not want to change the sound belief forced to pay taxes high enough life insurance. There are so many abuses of human rights are violated ISIS.

Second. ISIS emergence into the international spotlight. Foreign media are so keen to preach the evils ISIS. That way the world opinion will state the caliphate increasingly converging on negative values. Race will be far from the actual picture of the caliphate, so if there are people who fight for their caliphate would be labeled an extremist like ISIS version.

Third. US deliberately finance the establishment of ISIS as “test the water” for Muslims the world. The US wants to see the extent to which Muslims are eager to “God’s promise”. Most Muslims are not endure the coming caliphate crowd-bendong states loyal allegiance. This data is important for the US to be a reference for assessing whether the enthusiasm of the Muslims wanted the establishment of a caliphate.

By doing so the US is actually the middle of tidying collect all forms of power to perpetuate the ideology of capitalism and dispels the worst possibilities that will disturb its existence. Wallahu’alam. []


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